Gardasoft FP220 Lighting Controller


The Gardasoft FP220 Lighting Controller is the first of a new generation of high-power LED lighting controllers that have been designed specifically for demanding machine vision applications. The controller features a unique output drive technology that can create very fast, accurate light pulses. The result is a lighting controller that has industry-leading performance for high-speed, high-power pulsing with low power dissipation. In addition to its high-power mode, it has a very stable low-current performance down to less than 1mA.

The Gardasoft FP220 Lighting Controller is a two-channel LED lighting controller and is suitable for all machine applications. It has particular benefits in high-speed pulsing applications such as line scan but is also appropriate for high-power, long-pulse systems such as UV curing. The FP220 can be configured using a web browser and with Ethernet or RS232 commands in the same way as Gardasoft’s other controllers. It combines the advantages of both the traditional PP type lighting controllers with the flexibility of SafePower™ controllers. It is housed in an aluminum enclosure and is compatible with both standard and Triniti™ lighting.

Gardasoft FP220 Lighting Controller Features

  • New Generation, high-power LED lighting controller
  • Provides high-speed, high-power pulsing with low power dissipation
  • Flexible operation
  • Very stable low-current capability
  • Two independent channels
  • Ethernet configuration

Product Specifications

Gardasoft FP220 Lighting Controller