Flir IR Temperature Sensor Camera A65 FOV 12.4°


The FLIR A65 is a thermal imaging temperature sensor for process control/quality assurance, fire prevention, and condition monitoring that offers comprehensive visual temperature monitoring. The A65 integrates seamlessly into existing systems and provides temperature linear output through GenICam™ compliant software.


  • Affordable & Compact
    • At just 4.1 × 1.9 × 1.8 in, the A65 brings thermal imaging to your smallest spaces at an affordable price.
  • Plug-and-Play
    • Easy setup thanks to GigE Vision and GenICam compliance and GigE Vision lockable connector.
  • Connect Multiple Cameras
    • Synchronize between multiple cameras for greater coverage and communication, or for stereoscopic applications.

Product Specifications

FLIR Thermal Cameras
Flir IR Temperature Sensor Camera A65 FOV 12.4°

Available Variations

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