FISSO Articulated Arms Classic Line


FISSO industrial articulated arms provide the stability and accuracy that are so important across numerous processes. These articulated holders fill many applications where securing an instrument or tool in a precise position is essential. For example, they enable easy and quick positioning of lights or sensors in optoelectronic operations for the most accurate measurements possible.

Our heavy-duty articulating arms also hold dial indicators for calibration purposes, so there is no risk of the instrument being jostled out of position. No matter what they are called upon to do, FISSO heavy-duty industrial articulating arms deliver exceptional performance.


  • Length Options: 130mm – 635mm
  • Thread Options: M6 | M8 | 3/8″ | M10 | M10 x 1.25 | M12.
  • Colors: Chrome/Black

Product Specifications

FISSO Articulated Arms Classic Line