Excelitas Technologies TR-36A


Excelitas Technologies’ high voltage transformers have been being manufactured since 1956. These high voltage transformers come in standard and custom designs and are available with a wide range of input and output voltages. The Excelitas Technologies TR-36A ensures high performance through state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques including vacuum impregnation, vacuum encapsulations, and meter-mix and dispense systems. External triggering uses a high voltage trigger pulse to create a thin ionized streamer between the anode and cathode within the lamp. The coupling of the high voltage transformer to the lamp may be accomplished using a thin nickel wire wrapped around the surface of the lamp envelope as shown. Most flashlamp applications use a trigger coil to produce high-voltage pulses of short duration, usually a few microseconds or less. Two different types of circuits and transformers are used to introduce the voltage necessary to achieve ionization – series injection triggering and external triggering with the associated coils. Other techniques used to couple external trigger transformers are reviewed in the technical paper “Design Considerations for Triggering of Flashlamps”

Excelitas Technologies TR-36A Features

  • Peak output voltage up to 40kV
  • Load current up to 80A RMS
  • Surface mount, through-hole or hardware mounted
  • Flexible design—easily modified

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Excelitas Technologies TR-36A

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