Excelitas Technologies RSL-3101-21


The Excelitas Technologies RSL-3101-21 is one of the smallest pulsed Xenon sources on the market today. The compact, low cost RSL-3100 light source from Excelitas Technologies provides all the benefits of the original RSL-2100 plus all the additional features that customers have been asking for. The RSL-3100 offers SMA connector flexibility, intensity control and reduces EMI, all in a small package designed to meet CE directives. Along with a standardized “D-sub” connector, various window options, and optimized lamp alignment, the new RSL-3100 meets the most demanding system requirements. The RSL-3100 operates at up to 2 Watts and offers high radiant, broadband optical energy with the long-life customers have grown to expect.

Excelitas Technologies RSL-3101-21 Features

  • Compact Size
  • High Radiant Intensity
  • Continuous Spectrum UV-VIS-IR
  • Long Life
  • Customization Available for OEM Needs


The Excelitas Technologies RSL-3101-21 is used in applications such as…

  • Absorption Analysis
  • Immunoassay Modules
  • Fluorimetry
  • Spectroradiometer
  • Liquid & Gas Chromatography
  • Colorimetry

Product Specifications

Excelitas Technologies RSL-3101-21

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