Excelitas Technologies FK-794U


Excelitas Technologies manufactures a complete line of high quality, long life, low-pressure gas discharge lamps for use in photoionization detectors and trace gas analyzers. The Excelitas Technologies FK-794U Photoionization Detection (PID) lamp is interchangeable with all similar lamps presently available. Both current and RF exciting designs are available with eV ratings ranging from 8.4 to 11.7. Excelitas Technologies incorporates a unique high-temperature seal design which allows these lamps to be processed at high temperatures. This process results in a higher lamp to lamp consistency, enhanced performance, and long life. It also allows for the elimination of the getter currently utilized in competitive RF-excited designs. Excelitas Technologies ensures unsurpassed performance by using only the highest purity metals, window materials, and gases. Every lamp must pass a series of stringent tests and measurements prior to shipment to our customers.

Lamp Operation

In low-pressure gas discharge lamps, a glow discharge excites the natural resonance frequency of the fill gas, producing spectral emission lines down to the short wave cutoff of the window material. The gas discharge is confined to a small capillary within the lamp. Precise electrode alignment allows inherently ultra-high stability at predetermined wavelengths. The power supply and components for operation are relatively simple. A power supply and a series resistor power the lamp. Excelitas Technologies FK-794U  lamp operation occurs as the breakdown threshold of the fill gas is exceeded, usually on the order of -1100 to -1299 volts DC. The series resistor limits the current of the lamp to a reasonable operating level.


  • High sensitivity and stability
  • Long Life
  • Lamp-to-lamp consistency
  • Complete product offering
  • Custom design capability

Excelitas Technologies FK-794U Applications

  • Photoionization detectors
  • Trace gas analyzers
  • Gas chromatography
  • Portable gas sniffers
  • Sample ionization for mass spectrometry

Product Specifications

Excelitas Technologies FK-794U

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