Euresys Easy3DLaserLine


The Euresys Easy3DLaserLine generates a depth map from a series of images that contain a laser line projected on the inspected object. Each pixel of the resulting depth map contains the position of the laser line in the image. Several extraction modes are supported as well as various filters. The software line extractor is fully compatible with the hardware implementation in the Coaxlink Quad 3D-LLE frame grabber. With Euresys Easy3DLaserLine, you will be able to implement a high-precision calibrated laser line triangulation setup. Easy3D is required for all 3D developments and is included in the Easy3DLaserLine license.

Supported by software and hardware implementations, the dual laser line extraction process reduces the effect of occlusions. Occlusions occur when some parts of the objects are not lit by any laser. Using two lasers with different angles reduces these undefined areas. The object-based calibration included in Euresys Easy3DLaserLine allows combining the acquired data into a single calibrated point cloud. Some processing can be performed directly on a depth map. However, most 3D measurements need distortion-free data and metric representations, therefore calibrating the laser triangulation setup is required. Easy3D computes a calibration model applied to depth maps to transform them into calibrated 3D point clouds. This calibration model is based on the depth map of a reference object, acquired using the laser triangulation setup that requires calibration.


  • Single and Dual Laser Line Extraction into a depth map
  • Convenient and powerful 3D calibration for laser triangulation setups
  • Compatible with the Coaxlink Quad 3D-LLE frame grabber


  • PCB inspection
  • LED inspection
  • Connector inspection
  • Checking dimensional accuracy
  • Assembly inspection
  • Object positioning for pick and place machines
  • Food inspection and sorting
Euresys (Machine Vision Software)
Euresys Easy3DLaserLine