Computar M2514FIC-MP Lens


The Computar M2514FIC-MP Lens is an HD series monofocal lens that offers a 2/3″ format, 25mm focal length, and 5 megapixels

Computar M2514FIC-MP Lens Features

  • Over 5.0 Megapixel
  • Full HD Format
  • 25mm 2/3” C Mount
  • Manual Iris
  • Peak performance at long distance
  • Designed for ITS & Security applications

ITS Lens Series

Your ITS solution’s high-quality image sensors and sophisticated algorithms work to make sense of what it sees. Let it see more with a high-resolution megapixel lens. Computar lenses add value to the best ITS systems by allowing for precise, enhanced images. Our wide selection of focal lengths and zoom options ensure that we have the solution that best fits your needs.

Product Specifications

Computar M2514FIC-MP Lens

Available Variations