Basler Microscopy Ace acA1300-200ucMIC 1.3 MP


Basler’s digital microscope cameras provide top image quality in real-time, outstanding color reproduction and fidelity, and a high dynamic range. These are prerequisites essential for reproducible, detailed observation, differentiation, and analysis of the most delicate structures in materials or biological samples. The Basler PowerPack acA1300-200ucMIC 1.3 MP includes Sony’s latest-generation IMX CMOS sensors. The Basler Microscopy ace models, with resolutions up to 12.2 MP, achieve a new level of image quality, thus being the ideal choice for moderate to challenging microscopy applications in life sciences, diagnostics, materials science and engineering technology, forensics, and many others.


  • The Basler Microscopy ace 1.3 MP camera with ON Semiconductor CMOS sensor delivers 200 fps at 1.3 MP resolution.

Components Included

  • Camera model: Microscopy ace 1.3 MP 200
  • Cable: Cable USB 3.0, MicroB 90° A1 sl / A, 3 m (angled downwards)
  • Software: Basler Microscopy Software, Basler Video Recording Software

Product Specifications