Basler ace 2 Pro a2A5320-7gcPRO


The Basler ace 2 Pro a2A5320-7gcPRO GigE camera with the Sony IMX542 CMOS sensor delivers 7 frames per second at 16.1 MP Resolution.


The Basler ace 2 Pro product line offers unique new ace 2 features that can provide you with immediate added value in terms of increased performance and cost savings in the operation of your vision system. The Beyond features are especially characterized by the fact that their functionality is unique in the market and often even patented or patent-pending.

  • Compression Beyond
    • With Compression Beyond, you can significantly expand the GigE bandwidth of your ace 2 Pro. Lossless compression enables faster frame rates and therefore higher throughput.
  • Pixel Beyond
    • With Pixel Beyond, you can change pixel sizes yourself and simulate certain sensor characteristics, such as those of discontinued sensors for example, which allows for an uncomplicated redesign

Product Specifications