Balluff Industrial BVS-CA-SF2-Standard


The Balluff Industrial UV and SWIR cameras make the invisible visible: they capture images in the ultraviolet and shortwave infrared range that the human eye can no longer perceive. These cameras open up new possibilities in industrial applications to, for example, inspect for defects in the semiconductor sector or detect different transparent materials in waste sorting.

This is made possible by UV- and SWIR-sensitive CMOS sensors. The global shutter technology used also ensures distortion-free images with moving objects and high image quality through optimum utilization of the pixel area. Combined with the advantages of the Balluff GigE Vision camera series, this results in high-performance cameras.


  • High resolution Sony SWIR sensors with sensitivity over a very wide range of 400 nm – 1700 nm
  • 8 megapixel Sony UV sensor IMX487 with an extremely high sensitivity in the UV range
  • Universal GigE Vision interface
  • Easy integration thanks to software development kit

Product Specifications

Balluff Industrial BVS-CA-SF2-Standard

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