Balluff 3D Machine Vision BVS0199


The Balluff 3D Machine Vision BVS0199 offers low system costs, quick implementation, a high flexibility in the application and a robust housing characterize the 3D Stereo Camera. With 12 million 3D data points and a 12 MPixels resolution, the camera captures every detail and does so with a frame rate of up to 9 Hz, depending on the resolution. In addition, the adjustable lenses on the cameras and integrated projector lead to optimal results, no matter in which workspace the camera is used.


  • 3D stereo camera for industrial 3D applications
  • High flexibility in application thanks to GigE Vision interface
  • Performs even in harsh environments thanks to IP54 protected housing
  • Enables highly accurate 3D image processing thanks to 12 MPix resolution of 3D data and 2D images
  • Optimally adaptable to your workspace thanks to adjustable lenses on cameras and projector

Product Specifications

Balluff 3D Machine Vision BVS0199