autoVimation Fine Positioning Axis


The autoVimation Fine Positioning Axis is a self-locking axis with a 150mm stroke that offers a large travel range and with 1.5mm feed per revolution a high setting accuracy. After the slide has been fixed, it can withstand replacement forces of up to 2000N. There are numerous options such as different positioning tables, transition clamps for Colibri and laser housings, or the optional position sensor with digital display.

autoVimation Fine Positioning Axis Features

  • Compact design, 16x40mm cross-section
  • Play-free guidance up to 3Nm rolling moment
  • Self-locking
  • Low clamping dimensions
  • Interchangeable positioning table
  • Scale display in mm
  • Not only suited to laboratory use, but also for industrial applications, where it is important to fine-adjust a camera system
  • Can be combined to any multi-axis arrangement
  • 150mm stroke
  • Precise position adjustment with 1,5mm stroke at one full turn
  • After fixation, the slide is non-shifting up to 2000N
  • Fully compatible with automation’s dovetail system (enclosures, profiles, mounting brackets)
  • Adaptable to profile sizes
  • Magnetic tape & digital display options

Variations of the Positioning Axis

  • Parallel or vertical adapter plate
  • Without positioning system – ruler and indicator on one side
  • With a digital positioning system directly attached to the axis
  • With digital positioning system remote display 1m cable

autoVimationFine Positioning Axis Operation

  • Loosening bracket screws by ¼ turn anti-clockwise. With high off-center loads remove any clearance by tightening a little bit more. With combined axis only release and move one axis at a time.
  • Rotating crank handle until sled is in the right position
  • Tightening the bracket screws again – sled is fixed in a position now and resists a displacement force of up to 2000N!

Digital Positioning System

The Digital positioning system directly attached to the moving positioning sled. No cabling! Power supply via a high-performance Lithium-ion battery inside the display. The digital axis with a remote display option allows us to mount the display up to 1m away from the axis. This is useful if 2 or more axis is combined and for confined spaces.

  • Digital positioning systems repeatability of 10μm, absolute positioning accuracy 50μm. The system is “semi-absolute” stores the position like a digital vernier. The high capacity lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 10 years.
  • Displays are of robust industrial quality (aluminum die-cast) and programmable (offsets, chain dimensions, power-saving features….).

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Product Specifications

autoVimation Fine Positioning Axis