autoVimation Enclosures Shark


The Shark is a high grade stainless steel enclosure that offers IP69K protection for cameras up to 62 x 62mm cross-section, especially for hygienically demanding areas such as in the pharmaceutical and food industry. Thanks to the patented Quick-Lock / Heat-Guide clamping system, there is an excellent heat dissipation. The electro-polished V4A stainless steel enclosures avoid corners and edges where dirt or germs could settle. All potential gaps are sealed with FDA approved seal. The new, hygienic mounting system offers a flexible alignment and positioning of the camera in these highly sensitive areas. 


  • Lightweight enclosures, similar weight as matching aluminum enclosures.
  • Easy to clean, smooth surfaces without corners and edges. Every component made from high grade surgical stainless steel for extra corrosion protection.
  • Excellent heat dissipation.
  • All touching surfaces sealed. Additional O-ring seal inside ensuring tightness even when using high pressure cleaner at close distance (IP69K).
  • Enclosure mounting allows camera adjustment in 3x rotational and 3x transitional directions.
  • Special hygienic cable glands (EHEDG certified), IP69K with cable conduits or suitable cables. Cable routing through mounting rods possible.
  • Camera detectable blue seals made from materials with highest chemical resistance and durability (concentrated acids and alkaline liquids, solvents, fats, steam, aggressive cleaning agents).
  • Cable outlet either through the rear wall or the enclosure handle. The latter allows feeding the cables straight into a machine frame with the enclosure mounting foot.
  • Internal fixing mechanism, sealed to IP69K requirements, torque resistant up to 170 Nm, avoiding unhygienic gaps. Special gaskets seal contact surfaces reliable with IP69K (high pressure wash down).
  • Cable routing through mounting rods possible.
  • Special window seal allowing flush mounting yet still easy window replacement.
  • Mounting taps/ screws sealed with speacial hygienic washers in order to prevent bacteria accumulation.
  • Easy lid assembly with Shark enclosure lids.


Hygienic building kit

90° Rod Connector Hygienic PLUS

  • High grade surgical stainless steel (AISI 316L, V4A, St. 1.4404)
  • Electropolished smooth surfaces
  • All touching metal surfaces sealed IP69k with FDA approved seals with high chemical resistance.
  • Best solution for mounting cameras right above food products, for instance above a conveyor belt.
  • Distance between rods after mounting: 8mm (36mm distance center to center).

90° Rod Connector Hygienic Standard 

  • Standard 304 stainless steel (V2A, St. 1.4305)
  • Cast finish
  • No seal between connector and shaft
  • Clamp has gap, screw thread covered
  • Good for areas that are not above foodstuffs and are not cleaned with aggressive cleaning agents.
  • Distance between rods after mounting: 3mm (33mm distance center to center)


autoVimation Enclosures Shark