autoVimation Enclosures Salamander


Thanks to its cylindrical inner shape the Salamander provides space to accommodate cameras of 29 x 47mm to 40 x 40mm cross section. The series is available in four lengths and adapts so easily to the total length of camera, lens and plugs. Optionally, it can be further expanded with a housing extension. The rear walls with cable glands or protective hose connection allow the waterproof performance of several cables and connectors up to 26mm diameter (42mm with rear wall G). The patented Quick-Lock/Heat-Guide camera mount inside the housing ensures a flexible and vibration-proof assembly. The good heat connection acts as a passive heat sink. So the temperature of the camera is reduced up to 20°C compared to free assembly. In addition to various installation kits for mounting and adjustment, a range of accessories is available, that e.g. allows for use in dirty, hot or cold environment.


  • Robust build: aluminum extrusion profile
  • Small form factor: only 66 x 66mm cross section, easy to integrate into existing machines
  • Flexible camera positioning: angle and position
  • Dovetail profiles enable robust enclosure mounting: on all 4 sides along the entire profile. Mounting brackets resist a displacement force of up to 3000N! Simple adjustment of working distance
  • Compatible with large range of accessories: variety of mounting and adjustment brackets, water cooling, controlled heating plate, wind curtain, pneumatic shutter, positioning ring for simple camera replacement, and more
  • High chemical resistance: due to Viton, NBR and TPE sealing materials. Contact us for any special requirements
  • Vibration proof mounting and passive camera cooling: thanks to autoVimation’s patented Quick- Lock and Heat- Guide camera mounting system
  • Fits all cameras from 29 to 40mm height: cameras with 29mm height can be up to 47mm wide down to 40mm width at 40mm high
  • IP66 – Protection from high pressure water jets (Nema 4)
  • IP67 – Protection from occasional submersion (Nema 6) (up to 1hr duration; up to 1m water depth)
  • For up to 40 x 40mm cross section
  • For connectors up to 26mm Ø
  • Salamander S, length: 171, 136 (internal)
  • Salamander M, length: 203, 189 (internal)
  • Salamander L, length: 233, 219 (internal)
  • Custom up to 400mm internal length
  • Clear aperture with 2″ window: 45mm Ø
  • Lens up to 55mm Ø

Material Details

  • Enclosure: Anodized aluminum
  • Window: BK7, double-sided broadband anti-reflective coating
  • Window seal: Viton
  • Enclosure seal: EPDM (Viton at request)
  • Cable gland seal: TPE (TPEV at request)
autoVimation Enclosures Salamander