autoVimation Enclosures Feuersalamander


The Feuersalamander series is especially designed for use in hygienically demanding applications such as the pharmaceutical and food industry. The protective housing is suitable for compact cameras from 47×29 to 40x40mm cross-section and provide IP66 and IP67 protection with excellent heat dissipation. The enclosure is made from electro-polished, especially corrosion-resistant surgical stainless steel (AISI 316L). Hygienic design minimizes corners where dirt or germs could accumulate, the slot of the enclosure mount is covered with an FDA approved seal.


  • High grade electro-polished stainless steel AISI 316L: for demanding applications in food- and pharmaceutical industries
  • Small form factor: only 69mm diameter
  • Flexible camera positioning: any angle and position
  • Hygienic design: avoiding corners and edges, hidden mounting threads, FDA approved seal for clamping gap, flush front window, hygiene cable gland available on request (see image above)
  • High chemical resistance of all seals: by using silicone, Viton and TPE seal material. Contact us for any special requirements
  • Vibration proof camera mount: by means of Autovimation’s patented Quick-Lock / Heat- Guide camera mount
  • Excellent camera heat dissipation: despite the bad heat conductivity of stainless steel, the outer housing still cools the camera by up to 9°
  • C (measurement with installed Basler Ace at room temperature)
  • Fits all cameras from 29 to 40mm height: cameras with 29mm height can be up to 47mm wide, down to 40mm width with 40mm height
  • IP67 – Protection from occasional submersion (Nema 6) (up to 1hr duration; up to 1m water depth)
  • For up to 40 x 40mm cross section
  • For connectors up to 26mm Ø
  • Feuersalamander S, length: 110
  • Feuersalamander M, length: 160
  • Clear aperture with 2″ window: 45mm Ø

Material Details

  • Enclosure: stainless steel AISI 316L
  • Window: BK7, double-sided broadband anti-reflective coating
  • Window seal: EPDM
  • Enclosure seal: EPDM (Viton at request)
  • Cable gland seal: TPE (TPEV at request)
autoVimation Enclosures Feuersalamander