autoVimation Enclosures Chameleon


The housing series offers protection for cameras with a sideways viewing direction. The Chameleon S series is available with or without lens tube. This allows the use of cameras with compact C-mount lenses. Inbuilt LEDs can usually be used if the distance to the front window is not too large. The same counts for the Chameleon L, that adjusts to lens and camera height with help of 4 different heights and the use of a lens tube if necessary. Typical cameras used with the Chameleon L are the Cognex Insight 5000 or the Sick Inspector. autoVimation now also offers a version made of surgical stainless steel for increases hygiene and corrosion resistance.

For Adlink Neon, Balluff BVS, Basler Dart, Baumer Verisens, Cognex Insight 5000, Flir Ax8, Flir PathfindIR, D-Link DCS-2132L, GoPro, Matrix Vision BlueLynx, Matrox GTR, Sick Inspector, VRmagic VRmRIC10-X, Vision Components VC Nano, and many more.


  • Robust build from aluminum or high grade stainless steel (AISI 316L)
  • Small form factor – enclosures are not much larger than the protected camera
  • Different sizes available – for S-mount vision sensors and C- mount cameras with larger lenses
  • Custom colors and prints possible
  • Adaptation to specific camera models: regularly without additional costs
  • Good chemical resistance: through NBR, TPE and Poron seals. Contact us for any special requirements
  • Also suitable for vision sensors with inbuilt LED lighting: thanks to double sided anti-reflective window coating
  • Pressure equalizing valve: avoids condensation for outdoor use
  • Cable gland for several cables and connectors up to 26mm diameter

Enclosure Types

  • Chameleon S, Aluminum: For vision sensors up to 150 x 72 x 44mm (l x w x h incl. connectors). Example: Balluff BVS vision sensor. For angular C-Mount cameras up to 160 x 45 x 72mm (l x w x h incl. connectors). Example: AVT Manta W90 with 35mm C-Mount lens.
  • Chameleon SW: Dimensions: 175 x 80 x 62mm
  • Chameleon ST: Dimensions: 175 x 80 x 92mm
  • Chameleon M, Stainless Steel: High grade surgical stainless steel (V4A, AISI 316L). Hygienic design – no concave surfaces, FDA approved seals between all metal surfaces. Special hygienic cable gland available. Large 3” window with 65mm aperture. Camera lens always close to the window: thanks to different enclosure heights of 65, 75, 80 and 90mm. Longer lenses can be used: combined with the Orca 60mm extension.
  • Chameleon M: 198 x 89 x 71.5mm
  • Chameleon L65: Dimensions: 220 x 120 x 65mm
  • Chameleon L75: Dimensions: 220 x 120 x 75mm
  • Chameleon L80: Dimensions: 220 x 120 x 80mm
  • Chameleon L90: Dimensions: 220 x 120 x 90mm
autoVimation Enclosures Chameleon