LP Series - Longpass - Multi Bandpass Filters

MidOpt Short-Wave Infrared Longpass Filter LP1070

Highlights LP1070 is a 0.7mm thick silicon Longpass filter with antireflection coatings on both sides optimized for 1100-2300nm transmission. Because silicon is inherently opaque, blocking in the visible and very near-IR spectrums is excellent, and the positioning of the cut-on slope is completely insensitive to the angle of incidence of light impinging on the surfaces. … Continued

MidOpt Short-Wave Infrared Longpass Filter LP1000

A LP1000 cuts on starting at 860nm and is most frequently used with infrared Vidicon or InGaAs cameras, where it generally cuts off wavelengths short of the 1550nm telecommunications band. This filter blocks almost all light that CCD/CMOS cameras are sensitive to.

MidOpt (Limited) Near-IR Longpass Filter LP900

Limited Stock Available. LP900 filters sharply block light below 900nm while allowing longer wavelengths to pass. This would be the filter of choice when viewing reflected 915nm laser diode light. These filters can also be used in infrared digital photography, as detector windows and in various scientific and forensic applications. For example, images of blood … Continued

MidOpt Near-IR Longpass Filter LP850

LP850 filter material is excellent for eliminating overwhelming visible and NIR ambient light, particularly in cases where the spectral response of the camera beyond 900nm is approaching zero.  Otherwise we encourage customers to consider using an LP920 filter instead.

MidOpt Near-IR Longpass Filter LP830

LP830 is suggested for use with infrared LED lighting emitting at 880nm or 850nm when it is also desirable to transmit other longer infrared wavelengths as well.  Otherwise we recommend our BP880 or BP850 filters not only for their longer wavelength blocking, but their overall higher peak transmissions.