Ximea xiT MT200CG-CM


XIMEA presents unique Thunderbolt™ 2 enabled cameras that currently include models with the newest sensors from Sony (IMX174) and CMOSIS (CMV20000). The Ximea xiT MT200CG-CM industrial camera model is further equipped with an active EF-mount interface for control of dynamic aperture and focus. Falcon Ridge 4C dual-port makes daisy chain interconnection possible. The MT200CG-CM is CERTIFIED, which approves XIMEA to ship both models with Thunderbolt Trademark and Logo for PC and Mac. Minimal system requirements when using with XIMEA CamTool: Windows 32/64 and macOS, Intel Core i5, 400MB, 3GB RAM (for recording to h264)

What is xiT?

  • World’s first industrial Thunderbolt™ 2 enabled cameras
  • Resolutions from 2.3 Mpix to 20 Mpix
  • Speeds 165 fps and 30 fps respectively
  • Sony Pregius™ pixel technology
  • Smallest design: 26 x 26 x 38 mm (small model)
  • Support for Windows, macOS (Linux and 30 Libraries prepared)
  • No frame grabbers, powered by Thunderbolt cable

Ximea xiT MT200CG-CM Industrial Camera Features

  • 20 Mpix Color CMOS camera with CMOSIS CMV20000
  • Thunderbolt speed of 20 Gbit/s allows 30 Fps at 12 bit

Ximea xiT MT200CG-CM Industrial Camera Applications

5K, compact, high-speed camera for Flat panel inspection, printed circuit board (PCB) examination, persistent stadium, and border security, wide-area surveillance, and aerial or city mapping (UAV). API/SDK supports Windows 32/64 and Mac OS X.

Product Specifications

Ximea xiT MT200CG-CM

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