Ximea xiRAY MJ150XR-GP


The Ximea xiRAY MJ150XR-GP industrial camera uses a 15 MPixel sensor, bonded to a 5 mm fiber-optic plate, coupled to a scintillator sensitive to 5 to 100 keV x-rays. This makes this industrial camera the ultimate camera for micro-tomography, medical applications, and inspection such as homeland security, manufacturing, and other demanding applications. The Ximea xiRAY MJ150XR-GP industrial camera is easy to deploy and replace with a 5 mm fiber plate that will help protect the sensor from damaging x-rays. When replacement becomes necessary, the robustness and compact build of this camera allow a quick and easy exchange of the entire camera head. The Ximea xiRAY MJ150XR-GP can be configured and built exactly for your specific application requirements.

Ximea xiMU Subminiature MJ150XR-GP Features

  • 15 Mpix X-RAY camera
  • APS-C, sCMOS sensor – Gpixel GSENSE5130
  • Ultra-compact Scientific CMOS camera with Peltier TE Cooling
  • The incredible speed with USB3 interface
  • High Dynamic range and extremely low noise
  • Enhanced Statistical Extra-Mural Absorption
  • Scintillator phosphor composition P43, Gd2O2S: u, Thickness 22 μm
  • Magnification: 1:1 or option with 2:1 with Taper
  • Support of Energy levels 7 to 100keV
  • Radiation hardened version for over 100keV

What is xiRAY?

  • High-resolution direct phosphor imaging, ideal for Micro CT
  • Ultra-low readout noise with CCD and especially the new sCMOS sensors
  • Crystal clear 14 and 16 bit/pixel images
  • Partial readout and binning modes for enhanced sensitivity and higher speed
  • Non-linearity over full dynamic range  <2% to 95% of the scale
  • External triggering, LVTTL
  • Low power consumption of 2W and 6 Watt with Cooling
  • Antiblooming, Enhanced Statistical Extra-Mural Absorption
  • Radiation hardened, Support of Energy levels 7 and over 100keV
  • Measures just 63 x 63 x 46 mm and less
  • Peltier TE Cooled with Heatsink and fan

Ximea xiMU Subminiature MJ150XR-GP Applications

High-resolution direct phosphor imaging, ideal for researching the elemental composition and structure of biological samples through Micro CT (Computed Tomography), Soft X-Ray Microscopy, X-Ray Spectroscopy, Coherent X-Ray Diffraction, Crystallography, Non-Destructive Testing, Fluoroscopy, Plasma Diagnostics, Radiography, Industrial CT scanning and more.

Product Specifications

Ximea xiRAY MJ150XR-GP

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