VS Technology VS-HX5035


The VS Technology VS-HX5035 machine vision lens offers 8K Resolution, Large Format, Fixed Focal Length, and a Φ32mm Image Circle.

VS-HX5035 Features

  • 2.74um pixel resolution for enhanced clarity compared to conventional models
  • The VS-HX5035 machine vision lens  has a Compact design
  • Lightweight (approx. 500g or less)
  • Less distortion and flare
  • Select mount adaptors are available

Accessories & Applications

  • M42 FB12 Mount
  • F-Mount
  • TFL Mount
  • Custom mount adapters are also available.

The VS Technology VS-HX5035 is used in stadium and aerial applications.

Product Specifications

VS Technology
VS Technology VS-HX5035

Available Variations