Vivid Engineering CameraLink Simulator


The Vivid Engineering CameraLink Simulator is an affordable high-performance video test pattern generator supporting all CameraLink configurations (base, medium, full, 72-bit, 80-bit). The CLS-221 supports all CameraLink video formats including those introduced in the new CameraLink v2.1 specification. Fully programmable video timing enables the CLS-221 to mimic the characteristics of almost any camera. New features include enhanced timing performance, bayer color support, and col-or bar & pseudo-random video patterns. Control is via an RS-232 port, USB, or frame grabber comm port. The CLS-221 also supports the AIA validation test pattern. The CLS-221 connects to devices with the larger MDR connector via standard cables, and to devices with the smaller SDR/HDR connector via adapting cables. The Vivid Engineering CameraLink simulator is very useful for the development and test of CameraLink components and systems and is easy to use with included quick-configuration software.

Vivid Engineering CameraLink Simulator Features

  • Supports all CameraLink configurations (base/medium/full/72-bit/80-bit)
  • Fully programmable video timing mimics almost any camera
  • Supports all video formats including new CameraLink v2.1
  • Video pattern options include wedge, color-bar, and pseudo-random
  • Bayer color support
  • Area and line scan formats
  • “Roll” feature adds pattern motion
  • Triggered (exsync) modes
  • Supports AIA validation test pattern sequences
  • Easy to use with included quick-configuration software. May also be programmed via a command-line interface
  • Downloadable configuration files are easily created and modified
  • Controlled via an RS-232 port, USB (via optional adapter), or frame grabber comm port
  • Operates from 10 MHz to 95 MHz, above/below the normal CameraLink 20-85 MHz range for performance/margin testing
  • Can operate standalone using stored user configurations
  • Sturdy aluminum enclosure w/ mounting flange
  • Multi-nation power supply and RS-232 cable included
  • 3-year warranty

Product Specifications

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