TRU-Vu ZBMT-32C-24


The ZBMT-32 Series Projected Capacitive, multi-touch, zero-bezel touch screen monitors offer the latest in LCD touch screen technology. The projected capacitive (P-Cap) touch screen can be activated via an exposed finger (like standard surface capacitive touch), and also with surgical or thin cotton gloves. The multi-touch capability allows up to 10 simultaneous inputs for selecting, zoom, flick and other functions. It is also unafected by dirt, grease or moisture on the glass surface. The sleek all-glass, seamless, zero-bezel front face is stylish as well as functional; it is easy to clean and eliminates the potential for contamination build-up under the bezel. They are ideal for use in a wide range of healthcare, kiosk, hospitality, commercial and other applications. An extensive list of OEM options enables you to customize the ZBMT-32 Series to meet your exact needs. Compatible with all Windows and most Linux operating systems.


  • Projected Capacitive Touch Technology
  • Multi-Touch (10 Points)
  • Can Be Activated Via Exposed Finger, and Surgical or Thin Cotton Gloves
  • Zero-Bezel, Seamless, All Glass Front Face
  • Full HD Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (1080p/60)
  • Video Inputs: VGA, DVI-D, HDMI, Display Port
  • Lockable On-Screen Display (OSD) Controls
  • Auto Re-Start After Power Loss

Product Specifications

TRU-Vu ZBMT-32C-24

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