The VMOBTC-17R-H is an optically-bonded surface capactive touch screen monitor. The optical bonding ensures clear, sharp images even in bright daylight conditions. It also eliminates internal reflections, improves contrast ratio, and strengthens the protective Anti-Reflective glass. The surface capactive screen can only be activated via an exposed human finger. This prevents false triggering from accidental contact, water, or dirt on the surface. The VMOBTC-17R-H is ideal for a wide range of demanding applications including industrial, law enforcement, marine, military, material handling, and transportation.


  • Surface Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Optical Bonding For Clear, Sharp Images, Even in Bright Daylight Conditions
  • Protective Anti-Reflective Glass
  • Video Inputs: VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort
  • Operating Temperature: -22 F to +185 ̊ F (-30 ̊ C to 85 ̊ C) ̊
  • Lockable On-Screen Display (OSD) Controls
  • Auto Re-Start After Power Loss
  • TRU-Tuf Ensures Maximum Shock/Vibration Resistance

Standard Accessories

  • 90-240 VAC Power Brick Adapter
  • VGA Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Touch Screen Driver CD

Available Options

  •  Panel Mount
  • SAW Touch Screen
  • Open Frame Configuration
  • Private Label
  • 24 VDC Operation
  • Tabletop Base

Product Specifications

TRU-Vu Sunlight & Daylight Readable