Toshiba Teli GigE BG040M


The Toshiba Teli GigE BG040M is an integrated (one-body) type camera that adopts a global shutter and CMOS Sensor.


  • The Toshiba Teli GigE BG040M offers a high frame rate (291 fps) and a high resolution
  • As the BG040M employs a global electronic shutter, clear images of even fast-moving objects become more obtainable with less blur.
  • Video output and camera control are performed by the Gigabit Ethernet Interface (standard IEEE802.3ab). Data transfer is up to 1Gbps that enables to output compressed video data at high frame rates. By complying with the Gigabit Ethernet Interface the power is supplied over a single cable.
  • The BG040M is based on the GigE Vision camera interface standard for machine vision version 1.2, GenICam version 2.4 & 3.0, and IIDC2 digital camera control specification version 1.1.0.
  • The random trigger shutter function provides images in any timing by the input of an external trigger signal. Trigger control from a PC is also available.
  • Scalable selectable video output area mode achieves a higher frame rate by reducing the vertical output area and reduces the occupied data. rate of Gigabit Ethernet by reducing the horizontal output area.
  • Binning pixel data is combined vertically & horizontally.
  • With decimation, the BG040M can read all effective areas at high speed by skipping lines
  • The Toshiba Teli GigE BG040M is compact and lightweight making it easy to integrate into industrial equipment.


  • Gain
  • Black Level
  • Gamma
  • Lookup Table
  • Packet Resend
  • Exposure Time
  • Sharpness
  • Chunk
  • Random Trigger Shutter
  • Sequential Shutter
  • Trigger Delay
  • Anti-Glitch and Anti-Chattering
  • GigE Vision Event Package
  • GPIO
  • Scalable Mode
  • Binning
  • Decimation
  • Reverse
  • Defect Pixel Correction
  • Image Buffer
  • User Free Memory
  • Tester Pattern

Product Specifications

Toshiba Teli
Toshiba Teli GigE BG040M

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