Toshiba Teli EX670AMG-X


The Toshiba Teli EX670AM Series is an integrated camera with a CoaXPress 2.0 interface. Incorporating a 67MP CMOS sensor, the EX Series provides a wide field of view. The use of CXP-12 Quad allows high speed transfer of images. Measuring only 60 mm square, the chassis can be installed easily. The lens-mountless structure makes it possible to use different lenses according to the application requirements.


  • e2v 67MP CMOS sensor
  • TELI original IP core
  • Global electronic shutter
  • CoaXPress 2.0 interface
  • 50Gbps transfer bandwidth provided by CXP-12 Quad
  • GenICam conformity
  • IIDC2 Digital Camera Control Specification
  • Square grid array
  • Camera control / image acquisition by TeliCamSDK


Product Specifications

Toshiba Teli
Toshiba Teli EX670AMG-X

Available Variations