Toshiba Teli CSC Color CSC6M100CMP11

Ultra High-Resolution Camera installed 6.5 Megapixels CMOS sensor.


  • High-speed output at High-resolution pixel: The TOSHIBA TELI’s proprietary 1.1 type 6.5Mega pixels High-resolution CMOS sensor outputs the entire 6.5Mega pixels in a speed as 85fps(standard) or 99fps(max.).
  • Global electronic shutter: Global electronic shutter makes the clear imaging possible even with a faster-moving object.
  • Random Trigger shutter: It is possible to grab and transfer the image on desirable timing by external trigger input.
  • WOI(Window of interest): It is possible to read out desirable area by specifying a Vertical and Horizontal position.
  • Binning: By reading 2(H)x 2(V) pixels or 4(H) x 4(V) pixels as one pixel, it is possible to get a faster image in all area.
  • PoCL interface: By using a CameraLink capable frame grabber board to which power can be supplied, high-speed transfer of captured images to PC as well as various types of camera control from the PC are allowed.Power can also be supplied to the camera with only one cable.

Product Specifications

Toshiba Teli
Toshiba Teli CSC Color CSC6M100CMP11