Schott Fiber Optic Dual Lightline A08580


For narrower and elongated illumination for Microscopy and Machine Vision Inspection applications


  • Small, uniform fields of view
  • Narrow body design and offset position of the line on 1″ (25) and 2
  • (51) bodies allows close positioning for darkfield effect
  • 3″(76)* models are calibrated with DDL-bulb to ±8 gray scale levels at a mean of 200 with a gamma setting of 1.0 to deliver optimum uniformity (see chart)
  • Uniformity of 1″(25) and 2″(51) lines is better than ±8 gray scales (See reference section for more information on uniformity of fiber optic products)
  • Rugged aluminum body and light source ferrule with black anodized finish, PVC covered metal tubing protects the fiber bundle
  • Lightline holders and support products available
  • Custom lengths, bundle exits, multiple combinations (dual, quad, etc.) and line widths can be designed for your unique requirements; Combine lightlines with other fiber optic components in a single input to create unique lighting effects
  • Cylindrical and apertured lenses are available for most lightline models (Made-to-Order)

Product Specifications

Schott Fiber Optic Dual Lightline A08580