Schott ACE Series A20500


The Schott ACE Series A20500 machine vision light source is a compact, rugged, AC halogen light source with a solid-state dimmer for variable light intensity and maximizing lamp life. The ACE is a cost-effective and reliable 150-watt cold light source that provides premium quality, intense light for Stereo Microscopy, Macroscopy, and Machine Vision applications. The rugged and compact design in a stackable metal frame enables operation in harsher industrial environments as well as laboratory use. The modular concept of the Modulamp assembly allows flexible adaptation depending on the user’s requirements. The basic version is equipped with an electronic (solid-state) dimmer for the continuous setting of light intensity and optimized lamp life. The Modulamp assembly offers the choice of three halogen lamp types (EKE, EJA, and DDL) with different focus diameters, intensities, color temperatures, and lifetimes.

Schott ACE A20500 Features

  • Solid-state dimmer for continuous control zero to full intensity
  • Heavy-duty, grounded metal housing
  • 115 or 230 input voltage versions available
  • IR interference filter for cool illumination
  • The Schott ACE Series A20500 has full illumination on a .60” active diameter input
  • Interchangeable Modulamp Units offer 2 positions to maximize individual lamp efficiencies.
  • Choice of three, 150-watt halogen light sources – EKE, EJA, and DDL for intense, uniform illumination
  • Built-in thermal shut down
  • Quiet fan cooling
  • CSA approved to UL spec, CE compliant to low voltage and EMC directives
  • The A20500 machine vision light source has a low housing temperature& a detachable IEC cord.

Product Specifications

Schott ACE Series A20500