Schneider Optics Zirconia 0.03/0.2x V48


The Zirconia Series, Zirconia 0.03/0.2x V48 these lenses are designed for 12k / 5µm (ZIRCONIA XL: 16k / 5µm) line scan sensors but also can be used in many applications with area sensors up to 82 mm diagonal. Optimized for a specific magnification of 0.1x – 2.0x the lenses are providing high performance in a small and compact package. The universal V48-Mount enables the best azimuth adjustment and the assembly of accessories like focusing mount, extension tubes and camera adapters.


  • Image circle: 62.5 mm – 82 mm
  • High resolution down to 5µ pixel size
  • Optimized for specific magnifications
  • 6 magnifications available: 0.1x – 2.0x
  • Version with beampslitter available
  • Best azimuth marking
  • V48-Mount for easy installation


  • FPD inspection
  • PCB inspection
  • High resolution defect detection
  • Quality assurance

Product Specifications

Schneider Optics
Schneider Optics Zirconia 0.03/0.2x V48-Photo-1