Schneider Optics Unifoc-76 Focus Mount


The Unifoc 76 is a helical mount used for focusing enlarging lenses, which do not contain any internal focusing mechanism. It is often used to adapt enlarging lenses to video cameras for machine vision tasks such as inspection and gauging. The UNIFOC 58 offer a total focus range (Z-axis travel) of 25.7 mm. On the front side it has a “female” Leica mounting thread (Ø39 x 26 Gg 60°), adaptable also to M39 x 1. On the rear side it has a “male” M58 x 0.75 thread. The Unifoc 76 is the best choice for cameras with long linear CCDs.

Schneider Optics
Schneider Optics Unifoc-76 Focus Mount-Photo-1

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