Photoneo Bin Picking Studio


The Photoneo Bin Picking Studio is an in-house developed state of the art software created for one single purpose – enable bin-picking to everybody in the world. It is easy and understandable for whoever thinks about moving their production to the future with automation. Our software is remarkably flexible and easy. With it, you will require only a robotic programmer who is skilled in computer-aided design to set up an automated bin-picking system. But if you should require it, our experts are here for you to help you free of charge during feasibility analysis as well as provide you support during the setup in Europe, North America, and Asia.

The Photoneo Bin Picking Studio is a combination of powerful 3D vision hardware represented by our line of PhoXi scanners & intelligent software for setup of picking. What you would search from 4 different providers with us you get in one package – All in one picking solution for your projects. It includes:

  • PhoXi Scanner- Superior 3D vision with various sizes and scanning ranges as well as optimized features for Bin Picking
  • Localization- In house developed CAD-based localization algorithms with smart features for bin picking like smart memory and a quick scan
  • Path planning- Path Planning optimized for 6 axis manipulators with the option of disabling the collision check for the speed boost in collision-free environments
  • Robot interface- Generic interface to a wide portfolio of robots supporting a wide variety of commands

How it works

  • Step 1 Select the Robot- For you and your projects, we have developed the largest database of robots. We are supporting a great number of robot models from various brands. And if you have a robot that is not in our list – get in touch and we will gladly provide assistance and integrate it into our Bin Picking Studio.
  • Step 2 Upload the Gripper- Upload the CAD model of your gripping tool. The model of the gripper is used for tool point configuration in the virtual environment.
  • Step 3 Upload Your Object- All you need to start planning your bin-picking gripping points is a CAD model of the product you want to pick. Upload it into the Bin Picking Studio and immediately start working with it in a virtual environment.
  • Step 4 Set Up Gripping & Tool Points- The setup of bin picking begins with the selection of points where and how will the gripper grasps the object. Bin Picking Studio offers you full support also in this task. Thanks to the simple visual process you no heavy math involved.
  • Step 5 Load Your Environment- In this step, we will let the Bin Picking Studio know where will the picking takes place. It is done again in the easiest fashion possible – by loading a CAD model of your picking cell. Immediately after the upload, the Studio offers you a 3D visualization available for work.
  • Step 6 Setup Your Part Localization- Bin Picking Studio implements a built-in engine for setting up an object localization algorithm. The algorithm based on the CAD matching approach was developed by Photoneo to suits the use for bin-picking with a focus on speed and robustness.
  • Step 7 Robot to Camera Calibration- Robot calibration was never easier. With Photoneo’s Bin Picking Studio you no longer need expensive and specific objects or specially prepared calibration sheets. One round object in the shape of a sphere is enough. Calibrate and synchronize your scanner and robot via the intuitive guided program. You will immediately receive visual feedback that you are able to validate and evaluate throughout the entire calibration.
  • Step 8 Interactive Debugging- Finally, it is time to pick. Utilize the ultimate advance debugging tools within the virtual environment. These will allow you to see how well was the solution prepared.

Photoneo Bin Picking Studio Benefits

  • Free of Charge Expert Technological Support- Your happiness is our goal. We are ready to answer your questions and help you with deployment. As a bonus, you will get a complimentary feasibility study of parts you want to handle. Our engineers have a proof of the track with successful system deployments and relevant experience in the field.
  • Large Database of Supported Robot Models- Bin Picking Studio is currently supporting a large database of robot models. And with the ones that are not, we commit ourselves to add any model of the robot from the supported brands for you, your projects, and your convenience.
  • Design, Visualize, and Configure- Track your work in the visual setup wizard. Get feedback on each step within the configuration immediately and reduce your designing phase.
  • Pick multiple objects- You are able to pick up to 4 different objects and use up to 4 scanners within one bin-picking scenario.
  • Never Start from Zero Again- Bin Picking Studio allows you to reuse previous solutions
  • Instant Finding of Gripping Points​- The studio offers a specially designed engine for the selection of gripping points in the virtual environment directly on the model of an object. With this tool, finding the right point to grasp will never be a problem.
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Photoneo Bin Picking Studio