Norpix Portable and Laptop Solutions


Norpix Portable and Laptop Recording Solutions can be used for capturing and recording video with mobile computers. Camera Link, GigE Vision, FireWire IEEE1394, USB, or HD-SDI video sources can be supported with those solutions, for single or multiple cameras.

Norpix Laptop Recording Solution Features

  • Laptop recording using JPEG compression: Up to 27 hours in real-time JPEG compressed at 200 fps x 640 x 480 using a single 500 GB hard drive.
  • TroublePix 200 Laptop : Laptop based solution at 200 fps
  • TroublePix 150/750 : 150 fps x 1024 x 1024 or 586 fps x 512 x 512 for over 18 sec
  • Solution up to 4 cameras a 90 fps 640×480 resolution

Norpix Portable Recording Solution Features

  • Portable PC’s are bulkier but provide better performance than laptops.
  • These are available with 7200 rpm hard drives for high benchmark applications.
  • StreamPix 5-100 : Portable solution with 4 cameras at 100 fps 640×480
  • StreamPix 5-200 : Solution with 4 cameras at 200 fps 640×480

Norpix Small Form Factor DVR Solution Features

  • GigE Vision and 1394B compatible.
  • Record to solid-state drives or RAM
  • Record with 2 HDTV or GigE Vision cameras simultaneously with StreamPix and CineForm compression
  • Record from 1 HDTV or GigE Vision compatible camera in an uncompressed format
  • Compatible with lossy JPEG compression with 80% quality.
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Run StreamPix, CineForm Codec and Windows XP from a Compact flash drive
  • Record to a USB memory stick using CineForm compression
  • Iridas 3D LUT support
  • Ideal for airborne or on the move applications
Norpix Portable and Laptop Solutions