MidOpt Neutral Density Swatch Filter Kit NS100

The portable NS100 makes it easy to solve applications on site and includes all of MidOpt’s Visible Neutral Density Filters. This MidOpt Filter Kit allows you to:

  • See the effects of stacked ND filters to test various optical densities
  • Reduce light intensity in the VIS spectrum without affecting color and contrast
  • Test in both monochrome or color applications
  • Solve applications quickly

Kit Includes

  • QR code to link filter specifications
  • Larger size 43mm diameter filters
  • Filter transmission curve
  • ND030 Neutral Density Absorptive 50% Transmission
  • ND060 Neutral Density Absorptive 25% Transmission
  • ND090 Neutral Density Absorptive 12.5% Transmission
  • ND120 Neutral Density Absorptive 6.25% Transmission
  • ND200 Neutral Density Absorptive 1.0 % Transmission
  • ND300 Neutral Density Absorptive .1% Transmission
  • ND400 Neutral Density Absorptive 0.01 % Transmission

Production filters have a higher surface quality spec than filters included in the NS100. Surface quality of filters in the NS100 is better than 60/40. 

Product Specifications

Midopt (Filters)
MidOpt Neutral Density Swatch Filter Kit NS100-Photo-1

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