MidOpt Machine Vision Swatch Filter Kit FS100

The portable FS100 makes it easy to solve applications on site and includes the ten most often recommended UV, VIS and NIR Machine Vision Filters. This MidOpt Filter Kit allows you to:

  • Test before investing in hardware
  • Control the variability of ambient light
  • Evaluate glare reduction
  • Solve applications quickly

Kit Includes

  • Larger size 43mm diameter filters
  • QR code linking to filter specifications
  • Filter transmission curve
  • BP324 Near UV Bandpass
  • BP470 Blue Bandpass
  • BP505 Cyan Bandpass
  • BP525 Light Green Bandpass
  • BP550 NIR/UV Block-Visible Bandpass
  • BP590 Orange Bandpass
  • BP635 Light Red Bandpass
  • BP660 Dark Red Bandpass
  • BP850 NIR Bandpass
  • PR032 Linear Polarizer

Production filters have a tighter surface quality spec than filters included in the FS100. Filters included in the FS100 have a surface quality of 60/40.

Product Specifications

Midopt (Filters)
MidOpt Machine Vision Swatch Filter Kit FS100-Photo-1

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