MidOpt A/R Acrylic Protective Window AC370


AC370 is a 1mm thick abrasion, scratch, breakage and solvent resistant acrylic protective window made to withstand harsh environments. It is half the weight of comparable glass windows and additionally features external oleophobic coatings that curb fingerprint smudging. The vacuum-sputtered coatings on both surfaces are 50 times more scratch resistant than untreated acrylic, far more durable than standard “dip” coatings, and are impervious to all types of solvents and chemicals, including acetone and MEK.

This material blocks almost all UV light while averaging greater than 98% transmission over the 450-700nm visible spectrum. This protective acrylic window is a highly effective yet economical solution for covering screens, camera enclosures and on-axis lighting modules. It is often recommended for FDA/EFSA applications where thickness is a concern and the use of glass is not permitted.

AC370 is available from stock in larger sheets with protective tape on both surfaces. Custom sizes and shapes are quickly laser cut in house. Next day shipping is the norm

Product Specifications

Midopt (Filters)
MidOpt A/R Acrylic Protective Window AC370

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