JAI Sweep SW-4000M-PMCL


JAI provides a wide selection of single-sensor monochrome area scan JAI’s monochrome line scan cameras provide an excellent combination of high resolution and fast scan rates. With high shock (80G) and vibration (10G) standards and an ambient operating temperature range of -5 C to +45 C these cameras are built to operate and last in even the most demanding industrial environments – providing users with low-cost-of-ownership. JAI’s monochrome line scan cameras can be used in many high speed machine vision applications including food sorting, pharmaceutical label inspection, postal sorting, sports, general web inspection and traffic applications such as train, railway, container and vehicle inspection.

Product Description

The SW-4000M-PMCL is a high speed monochrome line scan camera featuring a custom-designed 4K monochrome line sensor capable of running at up to 200,000 lines per second. An innovative built-in function allows users to switch between large and small pixel well sizes to tailor the responsivity and dynamic range of the camera to fit the speed and illumination requirements of their application.

High Line Rates for Maximum Throughput: SW-4000M-PMCL cameras are designed to maximize the output of your web inspection applications. The camera’s custom CMOS sensor delivers 4K resolution (4096 pixels) at up to 200 kHz, making it one of the fastest 4K monochrome cameras in the industry.

Adjustable Pixel Size and Well Depth: The SW-4000M-PMCL can be set to two different quantum well modes. When light is plentiful, the large well mode provides images with higher signal/noise ratios and higher dynamic range (better image contrast). Using the small well mode increases responsivity, supporting maximum line rates even when lighting is more limited.

Power and Lens Options Add Flexibility: Two different lens mounts are available – an F-mount or an M42 mount. Either model can be powered over the Camera Link interface, or can accept power from an external power supply via the 12-pin I/O connector.


  • 4K line scan resolution (4096 pixels per line).
  • One of the fastest 4K monochrome line scan cameras – up to 200 kHz maximum line rate.
  • User-selectable pixel well size for better images regardless of speed and available illumination.
  • 7.5 µm square pixels or 7.5 x 10.5 µm, depending on pixel well selected.
  • Accepts power over Camera Link or via 12-pin connector.
  • Industrial grade performance with 80G shock, 10G vibration, and -5°C to +45°C operating range.

Product Specifications

JAI Sweep SW-4000M-PMCL

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