Gardasoft CL191 Lens Controller


The Gardasoft CL191 Lens Controller includes a constant current Lens drive and Lens EEPROM data communications that are compatible with lenses that have calibration data in their internal EEPROMs such as the Optotune EL-10-30-Ci and EL-16-40-TC. Where a tunable lens does not have an internal EEPROM, such as the Optotune EL-3-10, the CL190 itself can hold calibration data for the lens. Gardasoft has extended its existing product capability for industrial lens control by offering an embedded version within the range. The embedded version is available as either the CL190/CL191, which is a design module that can be cut and pasted into the user’s PCB design files, or as the CL191 compact PCB lens controller, which is supplied as completed, tested, enclosure-free, miniature hardware that can be fitted into the user’s equipment.

With a fast focus change (under 10ms), the Gardasoft CL191 Lens Controller offers dynamic lens control in Machine Vision applications that deal with varying height objects – Postal identification, for example, Microscopy and Life Sciences are other key market sectors for tunable lens control, addressing applications such as Z slices, Light-sheet imaging, In vivo (live tissue) imaging, and many types of automated imaging. The Gardasoft CL191 Lens Controller can be communicated using I2C, UART, or USB and so cover the most commonly used interface protocols for embedded equipment. This communication can be used for:

  • Changing the configuration of the lens
  • Setting the optical power
  • Checking the status of the lens
  • Detecting errors, such as a disconnected lens

For additional ease of use, it is not necessary for the user to configure the CL191 as Gardasoft is able to pre-configure it to the user’s requirements prior to shipping. Also, the CL190/CL191 has a non-volatile memory and so configuration and calibration retention during power outages are automatic.

Gardasoft CL191 Lens Controller Features

  • One channel output
  • Include constant current lens drive and lens EEPROM data communications
  • -250mA to +250mA in 0.07mA steps
  • Compatible with Optotune EL-10-30-Ci, EL-3-10, and EL-16-40-TC lenses
  • Full current calibration with lens temperature compensation (pre-calibrated lenses only)

Application Benefits

  • Precision, embedded controller for Optotune lenses
  • Easy to drop into user PCB design files or available as miniature hardware, ready for installation
  • Compatible with the most common communication protocols for embedded device

Product Specifications

Gardasoft CL191 Lens Controller

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