Flir Thermal Imaging Automation Camera A310 F (30 Hz) 6⁰


FLIR A310 f thermal camera can be installed almost anywhere to monitor the condition of your critical equipment and other valuable assets. Designed to help safeguard your plant and measure temperature differences, they allow you to see problems before they become costly failures—preventing downtime and enhancing worker safety.


  • Streaming & Control over Ethernet
    • FLIR A310 f features the ability to stream video over Ethernet for live viewing on a PC, plus communication and power over Ethernet cable.
  • Built-In Analysis
    • The A310 f offers spot, area, and difference temperature measurement, and can alarm as a function of analysis, internal temperature, or digital input.
  • Built for Rugged Environments
    • A310 f is an extremely rugged system that meets IP66 requirements, protecting the camera from dust and water.

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