Flir IR Temperature Sensor Camera A315 (60Hz) 25⁰


The FLIR A315 is a compact and affordable thermal imaging camera, fully controlled by a PC. Due to its compliance to standards, the FLIR A315 is Plug and Play with third-party machine vision software such as National Instruments, Cognex, Matrox, MVtec, and Stemmer Imaging.


  • Excellent Image Quality
    • The FLIR A315 features a 320 x 240 pixel microbolometer that detects temperature differences as small as 50 mK, for accuracy at longer distances.
  • 16-Bit Temperature Linear Output
    • The FLIR A315 streams full-frame 16-bit images at 60 Hz, with signal, temperature linear, and radiometric data.
  • High-Frequency Streaming
    • A315 offers GigE Vision and GenICam compliance, making it plug-and-play when used with software packages such as IMAQ Vision.

Product Specifications

FLIR Thermal Cameras
Flir IR Temperature Sensor Camera A315 (60Hz) 25⁰

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