Flir A310 9 Hz


The FLIR A310 9 Hz is a fixed-mounted thermal imaging camera that can be installed almost anywhere to monitor your critical equipment and other valuable assets. The FLIR A310 9 Hz camera can safeguard your plant and measure temperature differences to assess the criticality of a given situation. This allows you to see problems before they become costly failures, preventing downtime and enhancing worker safety.

A310 Features

  • Excellent Image Quality
    • The FLIR A310 features a 320 x 240 pixel vanadium oxide (VOx) microbolometer that detects temperature differences as small as 50 mK.
  • 16-Bit Temperature Linear Output
    • Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP compliant for sharing analysis and alarm results to a PLC; digital inputs/outputs are available for alarms, external equipment control.
  • High-Frequency Streaming
    • The A310 offers spot, area, and difference temperature measurement, and can alarm as a function of analysis, internal temperature, or digital input.

Product Specifications

FLIR Thermal Cameras
Flir A310 9 Hz

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