FLIR Firefly S FFY-U3-13S2M-CS


The FLIR Firefly S FFY-U3-13S2M-CS mono camera offers 1.3 MP, 120 FPS, and a Sony IMX035 CMOS sensor. The FLIR Firefly® S delivers the essential machine vision features you need in an ultra-compact body. Its small size, low power, and light weight make it ideal for embedding into portable devices. The Firefly S provides amazing value by combining powerful on-camera features with the latest CMOS sensors.


  • Essential machine vision features including GPIO, triggering, and partial image modes.
  • Ultra Compact
  • 29 mm × 29 mm × 30 mm , 35 grams

Product Specifications

FLIR Machine Vision
FLIR Firefly S FFY-U3-13S2M-CS

Available Variations