Euresys Grablink Full


The Euresys Grablink Full is directly compatible with hundreds of CameraLink cameras available on the market. Use up to 15-meter long CameraLink cables with the Extended CameraLink Cable Operation feature. The Euresys Grablink Full is used in a variety of machine vision and manufacturing applications.


  • For one Camera Link 80-bit, 72-bit, Full, Medium, or Base configuration camera
  • Directly compatible with hundreds of Camera Link cameras available on the market
  • ECCO: Extended Camera Link cable length
  • PCIe x4 bus: 850 MB/s sustained delivery bandwidth
  • Feature-rich set of 10 digital IO lines
  • Memento Event Logging Tool


  • High-speed image acquisition for AOI, 3D SPI, 3D lead/ball inspection machines.
  • Very high-resolution line-scan image acquisition for Flat Panel Display inspection and solar cell inspection
  • High frame rate image acquisition for inspection machines
    Line-scan image acquisition for surface inspection machines
  • Line-scan image acquisition for textile inspection
  • High-speed line-scan image acquisition for printing inspection machines
  • High-frame-rate video acquisition for motion analysis and recording

Product Specifications

Euresys (Frame Grabbers)
Euresys Grablink Full