Euresys EasyGauge


The Euresys EasyGauge is a cutting-edge measurement and dimension control library for use in gauging and metrology applications. By relying on proven sub-pixel edge detection and shape fitting algorithms, it allows determining the dimension, position, curvature, size, angle, or diameter of manufactured parts with excellent accuracy. Robustness is ensured by powerful edge-point selection mechanisms that are intuitive and easy to tune, allowing measurement in cluttered images. In addition to these state-of-the-art features, Euresys EasyGauge also supports the automatic measurement of parallel sides, thus providing means of measuring the thickness of flat or bent objects, as well as the precise location of corners.

The Euresys EasyGauge has advanced built-in calibration capabilities to transparently convert pixel measurements to physical units; this relieves the user of the need to convert coordinates. Non-square pixels and rotated coordinate axis are supported. EasyGauge also provides means to determine and correct perspective and optical distortion, with no performance loss. The Euresys EasyGauge supports grouping of the measurement gauges and lets these groups track the measured items in the image. These can freely translate and/or rotate while the probes are repositioned accordingly, derived measurements such as distances between feature points can then be computed.


  • Sub-pixel point location and edge fitting.
  • Highly accurate and robust.
  • Advanced and automatic calibration.
  • Multiple gauge models.
  • Position, orientation, size, curvature, distances.
  • Graphical model edition.


  • Typical applications include gauging applications, calibration metrology, and assembly inspection.
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Euresys EasyGauge