Euresys Coaxlink CXP-12 to QSFP+ Converter


The Euresys Coaxlink QSFP+ is a four-connection CoaXPress CXP-12 to CoaXPress-over-Fiber converter.


  • Provides easy cable length extension using CoaXPress-over-Fiber
  • Allows connecting a CXP-12 camera to a Coaxlink QSFP+ frame grabber
  • Four CoaXPress CXP-12 connections on the camera side
  • One QSFP+ port compliant with 40 Gbps optical modules on the frame grabber side
  • 5,000 MB/s camera bandwidth
  • PoCXP camera power supply

Product Specifications

Euresys (Signal Converters)
Euresys Coaxlink CXP-12 to QSFP+ Converter-Photo-1

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