Euresys Coaxlink Quad CXP-12 JPEG


The Euresys Coaxlink Quad CXP-12 JPEG is a Four-connection CoaXPress CXP-12 frame grabber with JPEG compression

  • Four 250 MPixels/s JPEG encoders
  • Compatible with 8-bit/pixel Bayer CFA cameras
  • Two streams per camera: JPEG stream and RGB preview stream
  • Four CoaXPress CXP-12 connections: 5,000 MB/s camera bandwidth
  • PCIe 3.0 (Gen 3) x8 bus: 6,700 MB/s bus bandwidth



  • The 4-camera firmware variant of the Coaxlink Quad CXP-12 JPEG implements four independent image acquisition channels with, for each of them, a Bayer CFA decoder and a baseline JPEG encoder that can process up to 250 Megapixels/s, for a total of 1 billion color pixels per second.
  • Each channel delivers two concurrent streams: a “JPEG” encoded stream for recording and a “Preview” stream for monitoring.
  • The JPEG stream delivers, with a typical latency of only 20 lines, 4:2:2 full-resolution JFIF-compliant encoded images compatible with standard JPEG decoders. The JPEG encoding quality is configurable from 1 to 100.
  • The Preview stream provides 8-bit Bayer full-resolution, 24-bit RGB full-resolution or 24-bit RGB low-resolution images.\

Support of JFIF image format

  • The GenICam Browser and GenTL Viewer applications now support JFIF images.

PCIe 3.0 (Gen 3) x8 bus

  • 7,800 MB/s peak bus bandwidth
  • 6,700 MB/s sustained bus bandwidth

Acquire images from the fastest & highest res cameras

  • Highest data acquisition rate in the industry
  • 50 Gbit/s (5,000 MB/s) bandwidth from camera to host PC memory

Long cable support

  • 30 meters at CXP-12 speed (12.5 Gbps)
  • 72 meters at CXP-6 speed (6.25 Gbps)
  • 100 meters at CXP-3 speed (3 Gbps)

Use standard coaxial cables

  • A single inexpensive cable for data transfer, camera control, trigger and power supply
  • Top reliability and flexibility, performs in the harshest environments

Robust connectors

  • Micro-BNC (HD-BNC) connectors for reliable connection
  • Trusted push and turn, bayonet-style positive lock
  • Allows for quick and easy connects and disconnects

Connect up to 4 cameras to a single Coaxlink card

Memento Event Logging Tool

  • Memento is an advanced development and debugging tool available for Coaxlink cards.
  • Memento records an accurate log of all the events related to the camera, the frame grabber and its driver as well as the applications
  • It provides the developer with a precise timeline of time-stamped events, along with context information and logic analyzer view.
  • It provides valuable assistance during application development and debugging, as well as during machine operation.

Direct GPU transfer

  • Sample programs for AMD DirectGMA and NVIDIA (CUDA) available.
  • Direct GPU transfer eliminates unnecessary system memory copies, lowers CPU overhead, and reduces latency, resulting in significant performance improvements in data transfer times for applications.
  • Direct capture of image data to GPU memory is available using AMD’s DirectGMA. Compatible with AMD FirePro W5x00 and above and all AMD FirePro S series products.

General purpose I/O lines

  • Compatible with a wide range of sensors and motion encoders.
  • High-speed differential inputs: Quadrature motion encoder support up to 5 MHz.
  • Isolated current-sense inputs: 5V, 12V, 24V signaling voltages accepted, up to 50 kHz, individual galvanic isolation up to 500VAC RMS.
  • Isolated contact outputs.
  • High-speed 5V-compliant TTL inputs/ LVTTL outputs.

High-performance DMA (Direct Memory Access)

  • Direct transfer into user-allocated memory and hardware boards that expose PCI addresses
  • Hardware scatter-gather support
  • 64-bit addressing capability

Area-scan triggering capabilities

  • A trigger is used to start the acquisition when the part is in position. Hardware triggers come from the Coaxlink’s I/O lines. Software triggers come from the application.
  • An optional trigger delay is available to postpone the acquisition for a programmable time.
  • A trigger decimation function allows to skip some of the triggers.
  • Camera exposure control allows the application to control the exposure time of the camera.
  • When the acquisition starts, at the appropriate timing, the Coaxlink board generates a signal to control an illumination device connected to one of its output lines.

The Coaxlink driver includes the following tools:

  • Genicam Browser: An application giving access to the Genicamfeatures exposed by the GenTL Producer(s) in the system.’
  • GenTL Console: A command-line tool giving access to the functions and commands exposed by the Euresys GenTL Producer.

Compliant with Genicam, Including support for:

  • GenApi
  • The Standard Feature Naming Convention (SFNC)
  • GenTL

Windows, Linux and macOS drivers are available

  • Including support for Intel 32-bit and 64-bit platforms as well as ARM 64-bit platforms


The Coaxlink Quad CXP-12 JPEG enables the compact implementation of a multi-channel ultra-high-resolution image acquisition and recording system. The embedded pixel processing drastically reduces the CPU workload to monitor and compress image streams.

Video Acquisition and Recording

  • High-frame-rate video acquisition for motion analysis and recording

Video Monitoring, Surveillance & Security

  • Transmission and acquisition of high-definition video over long coaxial cables for traffic surveillance, monitoring, and control

Product Specifications

Euresys (Frame Grabbers)
Euresys Coaxlink Quad CXP-12 JPEG