Basler Beat Area Scan beA4000-62kc


High speed and high quality: the Basler beat high-resolution camera offers both, with its super-sensitive next-generation CMOSIS sensor CMV12000. Its image quality far exceeds that offered by older CMOS sensors, and is easily comparable with the image quality of CCD sensor cameras.


The Basler beA4000-62kc Camera Link camera with the CMOSIS CMV12000 CMOS sensor delivers 62 frames per second at 12 MP resolution.

Product Specifications

Basler Beat Area Scan beA4000-62kc-Photo-1
Basler Beat Area Scan beA4000-62kc-Photo-2
  • Basler Beat Area Scan beA4000-62kc-Photo-thumb-1
  • Basler Beat Area Scan beA4000-62kc-Photo-thumb-2

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