Basler Aviator Area Scan avA2300-25gm


The Basler aviator series includes state-of-the-art high speed cameras with either a Camera Link or a Gigabit Ethernet interface. They deliver excellent image quality, even at high capture rates. Basler aviator cameras are equipped with the latest CCD sensor generation with four data outputs (4 taps). These sensors are up to four times faster than standard CCD sensors with the same resolution. Basler aviator cameras employ all of the tap balancing know-how that Basler developers acquired during the integration of 2 tap sensors into our highly successful pilot series.


The Basler avA2300-25gm GigE camera with the KAI-4050 CCD sensor delivers 26 frames per second at 4 MP resolution.

Product Specifications

Basler Aviator Area Scan avA2300-25gm-Photo-1

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