Balluff Industrial BVS-CA-BN-OCuLink


The Balluff PCI Express camera are product range has been designed to meet demanding imaging requirements. The platform-independent PCI Express interface, this camera family offers particularly high transfer rates. Without detours via additional interfaces, an almost latency-free transfer of image data directly into the memory is guaranteed with DMA (Direct Memory Access). This makes applications that demand particularly high performance possible while keeping overall system costs low.

The cameras are equipped with the latest global shutter sensors, which offer high image quality at small pixel sizes and high transfer rates. The Balluff software supports a wide range of processor architectures, ensuring compatibility, and guarantees smooth switching between different hardware platforms. Adapter boards or plug-in cards are available for the respective computer platforms.


  • High net data rate of up to 1600 MBps
  • Excellent image quality due to high quality sensors up to 24.6 megapixels
  • Latency-free transfer of image data
  • Works independent of host software thanks to standard interface
  • Support of processor architectures based on NVIDIA, ARM and x86

Product Specifications

Balluff Industrial BVS-CA-BN-OCuLink

Available Variations