Balluff 3D Machine Vision BVS0047


The Balluff 3D Machine Vision camera is a Smart 3D camera that offers low system costs, rapid implementation and great flexibility in use are all promises delivered by the rc_visard product family of smart 3D cameras. With integrated processor and application-specific software modules on the camera, the rc_visard offers autonomous 3D image processing and can therefore even be used simply as a 3D stereo sensor. Processed 3D information such as pick points are passed by the rc_visard directly to the robot application.


  • Smart 3D camera for robotic applications
  • Easy operation through user-friendly, web-based user interface
  • High flexibility through optional software modules and GigE Vision interface
  • Low system costs because of on-board processing and smart, application-specific software modules

Product Specifications

Balluff 3D Machine Vision BVS0047

Available Variations